Tuesday, November 15, 2005

We Are Family

I'm really stupid sometimes. After much-needed rest yesterday afternoon, I went shopping in uber-posh Bondi Junction with Sebastian, Chris and Jen. Besides picking up the necessary souvenirs, I did a bit of shopping for myself, mostly buying Australian surf brand stuff that I could just as easily picked up at home - only they were on sale. Not once did I consider that luggage space is worth more than money when you're just traveling with one backpack. Oops.

Being in their neighborhood, I met up with Ciara and Elaine from the surf camp for a drink before heading back to Kings Cross for my final night at the Pink House. I figured on a quiet night where I could pack and get some rest before the next day's trip to Brisbane, but there's no such thing as a quiet last night when you're at a hostel that quickly becomes your family. Although I was only there a week, I knew I'd really miss my new Pink House family. You spend so much time with these fellow travelers that you want to savor and squeeze every last minute of time out of the night. In this case, it meant staying in the living room 'til 7am, drinking wine and talking the kind of deep crap that you talk at such times. It was actually very mellow, relaxing, and nice, with the exception of learning how to play the didgeridoo using vacuum cleaner tubes. That was anything but mellow, but a memory I'll treasure forever, nonetheless. I bid adieu to the whacky residents of the House and walked out the door with a heavy backpack and heavy heart.

But family time wasn't over. I'd gotten a surprise call from Vince's cousin Mai, a Sydneysider whom I thought was overseas during my visit. I was really hoping to catch up with Mai, as Vince is like family, and hence, she's family. It turned out she was in town, so she picked me up after I checked out of the hostel and we went out for lunch and coffee one last time at the Opera House. It was great to catch up, and the Chinese food was wonderful, but the weather took a turn for the worse and the scenic outlook over the harbour quickly turned into a stormy afternoon.

And thus, here I am pumping $2 coins into the internet kiosk at Sydney Airport, waiting for clearance to board my flight for Brisbane when the weather clears. My fingers are firmly crossed. At least I can finally say goodbye to the flies once and for all.

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