Thursday, November 10, 2005

Dreary Days

It's muggy and dreary out. The perfect day to just laze around and not be a tourist. List of accomplishments today: Ate Weetabix; watched The Wedding Singer on glorious VHS; got tons of Oz/NZ travel tips from people at the end of their journey. Some days you just need to chill.

Last night, however, was pretty great. I rang up Andrew, an Aussie whom I'd made friends with in Paris a couple of years ago. As luck would have it, he's currently working in Sydney so he popped by the Pink House for a drink before we went out to a nearby bar/restaurant called The Bourbon and had $10 T-bone steaks. That's $7.50 US. And it wasn't shite.

It was great to catch up with an old travel pal, talking about our old hostel roomies, further travel plans, and just having a nice evening in general. It's a good tearaway from the usual touristy-sightseeing-followed-by-partying routine typical of these trips.

That said, after Andrew made his way home, it was back to the ol' PH for a living room piss-up. Copious amounts of wine. A decent amount of singing and dancing. Bottles of Toohey's New, which is actually pretty tasty. A silly card game called Assassin, during which I zonked out and snored to everyone's amusement. The beanbag chair sucking the soul out of me. It's only been 2 nights and I've already fallen into a rut of coming back to the hostel and drinking wine. The upside is that I haven't been spending a lot of cash. Can't say it's a bad life, but I think it's time to shake things up tonight. Kings Cross is already getting old, and the backdrop of a red light district is not as interesting as it would sound. I think it may be appropriate to hit the city.

I'm bringing my fly repellent.


  1. Nice work keeping up with the blog Omid!

    I like your writing style alot too! It reminds me of Bryson!

    Always makes me long for the road. have fun m8.

    p.s. nice pic!