Saturday, November 26, 2005

Bye Bye, Cairns, Bye Bye

I have now been off of US soil for 20 days, which means there are only 10 days left in my trip. 1/3 of my adventure has yet to unfold, and today's gonna be the big b-day bash with Andrew, but I can't help but feel a little melancholy this morning. It could be because I'm still somewhat sloshed from last night. It could be because Cairns, as poor as my first impression of it was, has taken a little piece of me.

In just six days, I did some of the most amazing things of my life, made new friends, and simply let go of my own world long enough to get lost in another. Leaving it is a reminder that reality is just around the corner, but I also realize that I'm departing with many happy memories.

Sure, doing a drunken pub crawl isn't anything special, but it's who you share your time with that is. Here's to Uncle Sam, my cane toad that rightfully should've won the race at Tropos nightclub. Here's to Nico, my big Dutch roomie who was always great to talk to and full of wisdom, no matter what time of day, evening or morning. Here's to Ben, Carsten, and Apex - a few of the drinking buddies you need to have around to just feel like one of the lads. And here's to Anika, Christine, Christa, and all the other German babes who made sure my liver - and heart - got their daily exercise. I toast them all because, besides the insane activities and trips on offer, they're the ones who made Cairns a place I'll remember.

My flight to Brisbane takes off in less than an hour. And the good times with good friends will start all over again... Guess I have all the more reason to be happy.

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