Sunday, November 20, 2005

Morning Musings

The wash is on, my batteries are recharging, and I'm about to hit my second cup of coffee.

The lorikeets at breakfast are awfully cute. But their charm starts to wear a little thin when you're still trying to get caffeinated and they're pecking at your bowl of fresh fruits. I found a way to get them away, though. If you feed one of them a whole grape, it will go off and work on getting the skin off the grape. Once that task is done, the other lorikeets will swoop in and start fighting for the bit of grape pulp, and that keeps them distracted for a few minutes while you have your coffee and fruit in peace.

The Australians, however, have found another way to deal with animal nuisances: Vegemite. While the birds and insects may instantly go for whatever fruits or jam or bread you might be eating, no (sane) living creature will even touch Vegemite. You spread this black, brackish yeast extract on to a piece of toast, and you can guarantee that a protective forcefield will form around you.

How do I know this? Because this morning - for the first time since 6th grade when everything Australian was cool - I tried it.

And I liked it.

Anyone who's a) not Australian and b) tried Vegemite is probably thinking I'm pretty whacked out in the head, and they're probably right, but I really, really like Vegemite over buttered toast. 'Course, the blokes here eat it straight on with no butter, but I'm not that crazy.


  1. yay for trying new things and liking it! Looks like you're having a great time!

    Now... what exactly does vegemite taste like? Salty? Sweet? Help meo out here!

    -Julia (from tPunk)

  2. It's a bit salty, a tiny bit tangy, and a touch bitter. Can't really compare it to anything else, other than this Japanese seaweed spread you have over white rice..

  3. Sick. I guess I hate vegemite more than the average hater since some kiwi asshole friend of mine gave me a piece of toast liberally spread with "Nutella" and I took a big bite and well Nutella it was not indeed..