Tuesday, November 29, 2005

PWI: Posting While Intoxicated

It's about 11 pm and I'm about to crash out like a bitch... I've eaten one small meal today, followed by several jugs at the Down Under Bar. Pretty weak there tonight, but I still managed to have a decent time. I sat down with my jug of XXXX Bitter and a Filipina not unlike Rosario Dawson joined me with her own jug of beer, cider, and cordial.

Don't get excited guys - she has a huge, German boyfriend and is way too young.

Anyway, we had a great chat about universities and work possibilities in Brisbane. Her friends called and said they didn't want to come to the bar (it's locally known as a major meat market, after all...) so she left me with her 3/4 jug remainders and bid adieu. The concoction was tasty and, apparently, very drunkening. Yaaaaaaaaaay.

Alas, it may be early, but I really have to sleep. Gotta catch the morning train to Surfers tomorrow. I'd love to go surfing during the day, but from everything I hear, the waves are shit there. Oh well.

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