Sunday, November 27, 2005

More Observations

Some more observations as I wait for a CD to be burned at the internet cafe...

* Aussie toilets are pretty ingenious for saving water. They have two flush buttons. One for a half-flush, another for full. You can guess when you would use which.

* Everybody is "That Guy." There was an Oasis show here in Brisbane last night, and I lost count of how many guys on the train were wearing the t-shirt. I noticed just as many walking down Queen Street Mall this morning.

* Boost Juice is as ubiquitous here as Jamba Juice in the States. And just as tasty.

* Some bug bites really fucking hurt. My left hand's a bit swollen and in pain, not unlike my foot the other week. A rule of thumb in Australia: if it creeps and crawls, it can and probably will hurt you.

* Many girls in Brisbane don't seem to believe in bras. Viva la Revolucion.

* While the chart music here is as godawful as anywhere else in the world, the radio is far more diverse than anywhere else, mixing up urban, rock, alternative, news, and more. The music in bars and cafes is really good. Right now I'm grooving to Supreme Beings of Leisure. Just about every night I've heard heavy doses of Groove Armada, Blue Six, and more good stuff like that. I still have to find some decent Aussie music, though.

* Tim Tams have crack in them.

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