Monday, November 21, 2005

The Little Things

Here's a rapid update. I've located my favorite internet cafe, Global Gossip, to burn the last few days' photos on to CD, so I figured I'd post while I wait.

There are many big things that are different in Australia (driving on the other side of the road, better weather, everyone being so nice) but it's the little things that remind you you're on the other side of the world. Want an espresso? Better ask for a "short black," mate. Double espresso? Better use the Italian term, doprezzio or something like that. Going for an iced coffee? Don't be surprised if it comes with a scoop of ice cream in it.

I was sitting at a cafe across from the Lagoon on the Esplenade here in Cairns not long ago, and I was reminded of Pav (Drew) - one of my Aussie friends from the wedding. Not only because the boy actually designed the damn thing, but because I ordered an iced mocha and got some sort of chocolatey-coffeey ice cream float. Just yesterday in Noosa, Pav had ordered an iced coffee and got a float as well. Oh well - it was yummy anyway. And by the way, this Lagoon thing is beautiful. Good on ya, Pav.

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