Friday, November 11, 2005

Everything is Beachy

Taking advantage of my transit pass, I hopped on a Bondi Explorer bus today, taking in the sights of Sydney's south head. My first proper stop was Gap National Park, an area full of limestone cliffs overlooking the mouth of Sydney Harbour. The giant bluffs are a popular spot for suicides, although I can't imagine why anyone lucky enough to live here would off themselves. Maybe after sticker shock... or the bloody flies.

Then it was off to world-famous (and super crowded) Bondi Beach. Luckily, it isn't too crowded at 11:30 am on a Friday, so I got to lay on the beach and watch the awesome surf in relative peace. Lots of topless ogling to do, but that's always balanced out by entirely too many dudes in Speedos. Yin and yang can be a bitch. The water is really damn blue, with a nice hint of green, hence why the original iMac color was called "Bondi Blue."

There's a coastal walk that winds south from Bondi, ending at Bronte Beach. Over this walk, there are several beaches to check out, and right now, the Sculptures by the Sea exhibit, featuring some great (and some not-so-great) modern sculpture. I hate to sound cheesy, but it's just about the best thing in the world to walk along pristine blue and white beaches and check out an art exhibit at the same time. Now that's a museum, Sydney style.

Went back into town via Coogee (another beach town) and Hyde Park (named after the one in London) and met Ludmilla - whom I know from the states - for an espresso. I've never been on a trip so far away where I keep meeting up with people I know. I guess everyone winds up in Australia eventually. Catching up over coffee was wonderful, as it was an opportunity to see Sydney work culture in action. Tons of people from the nearby financial and tech offices were out in the cafes, swilling beer or coffee, going about their regular business, unconfined by the cubicle farm mentality we hold so dear at home. Sure, everyone's got their mobile phones and Blackberries and other electronic leashes, but the fact that so many people are out enjoying the sunshine while getting work done is a concept we need to introduce to Workaholics Anonymous, AKA the US of A.

I'm off to a weekend surf camp in a couple of hours. Can't wait! Anyone with religious inclinations, please pray that I don't become sharkbait.

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  1. I'm slaving away in this dear cubicle of mine...

    I pray you are .. I mean AREN'T shark bait.

    I'd say just fart to keep them away, but they can't smell, can they? I'm sure you taste nasty anyways! ;)

    I wish you the best of luck at shark camp/ I mean surf camp! STAND DAMN IT! chu can do it! :)