Thursday, November 10, 2005


Keeping up with my self-abusive ritual of trying McDonald's in every country, I picked up a McOz burger. Basically, this is a Quarter Pounder, Australian style - with a few chunks of beet root on it. The verdict? Tasty. It's still Mickey D's nastiness, but the beet makes it infinitely more palatable. Whoodathunkit?

I also had to have a McDonald's apple pie, since they still fry the suckers here. Remember that? The crispy, crunchy delight of an apple pie fried in french fry oil? Ooooh, yeah, baby!

My mouth is happy. My stomach, on the other hand...


  1. how 'bout now?!... now?! ::gurgling::.. lol

    maybe you'll please your hostile folk with snoring and FARTING whilst you pass ou! :)


  2. Let's just say I severely punished the toilet this AM and leave it at that...