Friday, November 18, 2005

Paradise Found

Arrived in Noosa with Minno, Fiona and Patrick just in time for the Sunset Calypso Cruise on the Noosa River. As cheesy as it sounds, the calypso music was great, the sunset was beautiful, and - of course - the company was top notch.

The cruise ended just as Kellie, a Brisbane native whom I'd met in Ireland, got into town, and the stage was set for yet another reunion. It's been so great seeing so many faces I haven't seen in years, I feel less like I'm in another country and more like a never-ending party.

The lot of us had a fancy dinner at Ivory Bar. It's pretty hard not to go wrong eating out in Noosa, as it's one of Australia's culinary hot spots. It isn't, however, renowned for its nightlife, so we had to move around a bit before winding up at The Reef, a bar/club on top of the big hill in town. We whooped it up to yet another cover band playing just about the same songs every other cover band in Australia plays, but no matter, it was a good time.

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