Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Greetings from... work

So I met up with Damon of 4D Australia today when he picked me up from the Gordon train station in the northern suburbs. This allowed us the opportunity to go somewhere tourists seldom go - Whale Beach. A gorgeous place northwest of Sydney proper, the place is nearly empty, with the beach dotted by dedicated surfers who must get in their weekday quote.

Lunch at the Beach House overlooking the, umm, beach was spectacular. Heaps of seafood punctuated by a shark alarm. Bodes well for this weekend's surf camp, doesn't it? Anyway, I think today we finished off whatever seafood was left in Sydney Harbour. I'm pretty sure between yesterday and today, I've consumed all the aquatic fauna Sydney has to offer. Maybe even that shark, too. At one point, the waiter brought out some avocado-topped seafood morsels of goodness, "compliments of the house." Alright, maybe it was salmon cake, but who knows?? It could've been that shark.

A stop for espresso at a nearby Marina capped off a great midday escape from the metropolitan bustle of Sydney. The route back to Gordon went through Ku-Ring-Gai National Park, one of about 450,000 national parks in the immediate area. I didn't see any wildlife, unless you count all the schoolkids jaywalking across the roads with a surfboard under their arm... Why couldn't I have grown up here?

So now I'm in Gordon at the 4D office, taking advantage of some free internet action. It seems no matter where I go, I can't get away from 4D. We're worldwide, baby.

Ok, time to get back outdoors. I think the flies are starting to miss me.


  1. mmmm. seafood. sounds yummy and fantastic!

    Erm. I know Aussies are super friendly and hospitable but…
    Uh… One question about you and Gordon in the 4D office:

    "So now I'm in Gordon at the 4D office"

    I guess what happens in Australia stays in Australia? ;)