Saturday, November 19, 2005

Just a Perfect Day...

When I'd awakened this morning, I was in pain. I must've slept on my broken rib, as it was practically killing me. I popped 4 naproxen and hobbled downstairs for some coffee with Kellie before she headed back to Brisbane, all the while feeding and playing with the lorikeets who like to frequent the breakfast area at the Halse Lodge. Did I tell you this place was paradise, or what?

Still in pain, I strolled into the chemist and picked up Australia's choice of pain-reliever: Codeine. Yup, you can get it without a prescription here. I popped my pills over a great brunch with the wedding party at Bistro C overlooking the beach. The pain started to subside, and we walked onto the sand for a little sun and swim. Floating in the warm, calm water, codeine kicking in, with a belly full of yummy brunch food - I've almost forgotten about my rib. This is the best physical therapy ever.

Noosa's pretty fancy. I've taken a break from the sun by walking over to the nearby internet cafe where I'm using an iMac G5. It's the first Mac I've gotten to use since leaving my PowerBook in California, and it feels great. Yeah, call me a geek, but between the weather, the soak in the ocean, and using a real machine, I can pretty much chalk this day up as perfect.

I should go - my beach towel, snorkeling gear and an ice cold bottle of water are waiting for me in the sand.

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