Monday, November 14, 2005

Observations About Sydney

It's my last day in Sydney, but instead of getting whistful, I figured I'd just jot down some observations I've made over the last week.

1. People here are really f-ing nice. Like, out-of-their-way nice. Sure, you have a handful of jackasses (see: fat wannabe pimp guy from earlier entry), but overall, I've been floored by the openness, hospitality, and easy-going nature of Australian folk. Unfortunately, this leads to false hopes for people who come from less friendly countries. When the super-hot girl at the shop (and there are many of them) asks how your day's been, tells you she likes your shirt, or compliments your eyes, that's all it is. Keep it in your pants and remember you're not in the US.

2. Nothing is ever on time. No one's in a hurry. The only time you see Sydneysiders scrambling for something is the train station at rush hour, or if you have the guts to yell "Free beer!" at a pub. And if you do try the latter, prepare for them to hold you to it.

3. Shit's expensive.

4. Everyone really is called "mate" by one another. This is probably because no one can remember anyone's name after enough Toohey's.

5. Folks in Sydney seem to hate their jackass president, too. Must be an educated, cosmopolitan thing.

6. Japanese tourists really like Akubra hats. European tourists really like football/rugby gear. American tourists really like to loudly squawk about passing girls, forgetting they speak the same language here.

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