Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Posh Backpacker

The other night over drinks, Andrew accused me of being pretty flash for a backpacker. What can I say? Although I'm in t-shirt and shorts most of the time, I can't be blamed for having nice backpacker wear.

Well, today I just marked myself as a posh backpacker for sure. As I walked off from my $24/night accommodations, I had a decent lunch at a sit-down restaurant, and noticed there was an Aveda salon across the way. Having come here with a shitty haircut and with nearly a month of growth along the way, I couldn't resist but go in and shell out the 75 bucks for the new 'do. The scalp massage was worth it alone, and chatting w/ the uber-hottie stylist about snowboarding in Tahoe made it that much better. And 30 minutes later, I have to say, I look hawt.

Those Schoolies had better watch out!

Yikes. Actually, I've devised a way to differentiate the Schoolies from the girls who are of age: All the youngin's try their hardest to look like Paris Hilton, so it's pretty easy to pick them out and - more importantly - avoid them.

Well, that's enough internet time for today. I've got to take care of one more booking and then get back to the serious business of bolstering my tan.


  1. I have three words for you!



  2. oh, my sister was a schoolie but on the sunshine coast... europe has gotta beat it for me i hope :) screw the $1000 for a week in a place ypu've been to too many times!!! although my friends at school think its a bad idea travelling solo - owell - screw them!!

    mmmm i must be scaring you since you don't know who i am.. and oh.. i dont try and dress like paris hilton coz i like to let my tummy out!!