Sunday, November 20, 2005


A big group of us from the wedding met up at Aroma's on Hastings Street for espresso and brunch, but I immediately had to go to the chemist for some oral analgesic. That's right, the morning's multi-grain toast had cracked a tooth that I'd had worked on before the trip. That brings up the injury total to one broken rib, a swollen foot, the other foot cut up by flip-flop chafe, and a broken toof.

Still, one doesn't care about injuries when they're in freakin' paradise. We piled into Damo's '65 Mustang and headed a few miles away to beautiful, un-crowded Sunshine Beach, where the sand is soft, the water shallow, but the waves huge and pounding. Perfect for sunning, relaxing, and playing in the waves... until you take a wave the wrong way and it feels like your arm's about to get torn out of its socket.

Add that to the list of injuries - a nice, sore shoulder.

Unfortunately, I'm not the only fragile one. The Mustang started to overheat, with white smoke coming out of the exhaust - that means a broken head gasket. We got back over to Noosa Crest, and as Damo went to take care of business (not the best thing to happen during your honeymoon) the rest of us went down to catch the various happy hours on Hastings. We finished the night out with dinner at Sierra Cafe and said our goodbyes and see-you-next-weeks. I hate goodbyes, but I'm happy knowing I have reconnected with a ton of old friends and made new ones in the process, so I can't complain.

I woke up in a lot of pain this morning, yet I'm still happy and relaxed. Maybe it's the healing power of Vegemite. Maybe it's the fact that it's late November and I'm sporting a bitchin' tan.

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