Tuesday, November 22, 2005

En Autre Langue

J'ai rencontre beacoup de gens qui ne parlent pas anglais bien, mais ils essaient a apprendre mieux la langue par ecrire dans ses journaux en anglais. Hier soir, j'ai fait la connaissance de quelques Francais a mon auberge et nous sommes alles pour beacoup des boissons. Mon francais est merde, mais apres un picher ou deux de biere, ce n'etait pas une probleme.

(Translation of the mangled French language below.)

I've met a lot of people who don't speak English well, but they're trying to learn the language better by writing in their journals in English. Last night, I made the acquaintance of several French people at my hostel and we went out for many beverages. My French is shit, but after a pitcher or two of beer, it wasn't a problem.

Writing all of that stuff was a bit of a trick... I know enough of the language to get by, but having to write this blog in it would be pretty rough. I appreciate all the overseas folks who are here and are just learning English but are coming out and speaking it, writing in it, and reading it just the same. Wish people at home would bother to do that.

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