Friday, November 18, 2005

Don't Wanna Leave

I just woke up from a gorgeous nap out on the veranda, listening to all the rainforest birds sing, watching the big puffy clouds slowly roll by against a very blue sky, and hearing the sound of the nearby waves lapping against the shore.

It's hard not to relax here. I awoke to the sounds of birds, had a casual breakfast on the sidewalk at Sierra Cafe, and went for a nice afternoon stroll before the nap. I think I've finally found the idyllic pace to make this vacation truly rejuvenating. Sure, it's a bit upscale touristy here (think Carmel-by-the-Sea or Santa Fe), but there's a very good reason the well-heeled have made this such a holiday destination: It's simply breathtaking. I've gotta look into real estate here...

But before I indulge those fantasies of retiring to the Sunshine Coast, I've got to clean up, get into this monkey suit, and watch my friends get hitched on the beach. What a beautiful day.

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