Thursday, November 17, 2005

Midday Mug

Ok, some joker set this PC at the hostel to Chinese, so I don't know what's where...

Brisbane is hot and muggy yet again, so after walking down to the Queensland Performing Arts Center to check out the Kylie (yes, Kylie Minogue) museum exhibit and the artificial beach at the park, I took the City Cat ferry back to Riverside. Taking a ferry up and down the river is a great way to see Brisbane, not to mention it's a cool and breezy alternative to walking.

Lunchtime came around, which is my favorite time in Australia. Everyone dresses up for work, and everyone takes a leisurely lunch outdoors, so there's no better time to see throngs of cuuute Aussie girls in hot little business suits. I chose the popular Pig & Whistle, a "traditional English pub" - and the fare is far from traditional, nor is it priced like a pub. That said, it was nice to get a fresh pint of Kronenbourg to go with my mushroom and green peppercorn soup.

It's about time for Minno and Fiona to pick me up for my ride to sunny Noosa, about an hour and a half north. Can't wait!

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