Sunday, April 15, 2007

We Hate it When Our Friends Become Successful

Seeing Lorin jamming out on the main stage at the Telus World Festival has been the highlight of my trip so far. He was so fucking awesome, better than the first time I met him opening as a DJ for Supreme Beings of Leisure at the "Cafe del Mar" event at Pier 23 years ago. The man has talent. Not just as a DJ (believe me, he shreds some ass doing that) but also in creating original stuff, especially with two MCs on stage. I was blown away. I kept thinking back to killer sets of the past, in terms of how much I was enjoying it, and just how good the execution was and how well the crowd was getting into it. Fuck yeah! And he's like a mindreader, knowing exactly what I want to hear. I won't be missing any of his upcoming local gigs in SF if I can help it.

Anyway, time to get hopped up on more meds and crash. I'm SICK.

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  1. Dude, jealous as! Bassnectar rocks.. Bonza.