Friday, April 13, 2007

I Hate Canada

Ok, maybe not. But specifically, I hate Snowbus. Should you ever find yourself flying into Vancouver to go to Whistler/Blackcomb, do not - under any circumstances - book with Snowbus. Seriously. FUCK THEM.

Sure, they were just fine my last trip up here (link) and they're pretty cheap. And they pick up in downtown. But you know what? They also don't bother calling or emailing you when they've decided willy nilly to cancel their weekday service.

"Next bus is at 1:55. Tomorrow."

"I specifically reserved the 12:00 bus. Today. You've charged my account and everything."

"Sorry. You can either catch the bus tomorrow, or we can have you refunded by Monday."

"Umm, great. Thanks, Chief. And just how am I supposed to get to Whistler now? I kinda need to be there, oh, you know, when my condo reservation starts. TODAY."

"You can take Greyhound or Perimeter."

"Thanks. Fuck you, by the way." *CLICK*

I called Perimeter.

"We have one bus remaining today, at noon. Fare is $67 one-way. How many in your party?"


"Oh, we have one spot. Would you be interested in going tomorrow?"

"No thanks. And fuck you." *CLICK*

Ok, I didn't really say that this time, but I thought it.

Was this it? Would I really be reduced to riding Greyhound after vowing never to come within holding-my-nose-up distance of one of their buses?

Oh well, at least it's only $18. They have departures every two hours, as well as plenty of availability. And despite the derelict buildings surrounding the Pacific Central train/bus station, the place itself is actually very nice. There's even a gift shop with internet here. And you know me: Internet makes me happy.

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