Monday, April 23, 2007

To You, Eh!

So it's a week later. The luggage has been unpacked. The snowboarding gear has been put into storage for the off-season. The photos have been uploaded. And my liver is still recovering.

I'd like to take this opportunity, first of all, to say FUCK YOU to Snowbus. Not only did you totally flake on us on that Friday, but you still haven't refunded us, and your voicejail system has no means of getting in touch with you. You're not replying to emails, either, so I have no choice but to publicly call your patehtic asses out and warn all my friends and readers never to use your services. It's a shame, too, because last time I used you guys, you were pretty good. I hope your business fails as you drown in your oversized puddle of smug, complacent piss.

That said... YAY! WHAT A GREAT TRIP!

Many thanks to all the awesome people of Canada. (Except Snowbus.) Seriously, it's amazing how one tiny border crossing one country north makes such a difference in the demeanor and attitude of the people. Maybe there's something in the water, maybe there's something in the beer.

Extra super special thanks to Susanna for being Susanna and encouraging binge drinking even in the face of illness, to J for being a great snowboarding partner in crime and general enabler, and to Elena for being yet another enabler and warranting extra mondo mega props for hookin' up the pimp pad in Whistler Village. Y'all make traveling in a group worthwhile ;)

And to the readers out there who actually bother to keep up with this shit and check out the photos. With the massive holes ripped into my memory by years of hard livin', it never really happened unless I wrote about it or took pictures of it. Thanks.

Cheers, eh!

(Full Flickr photo set here.)

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