Monday, April 16, 2007

Down for the Count

Chalk up another night in to food coma.

Yup, yet again, we've decided to forgo the legendary Whistler nightlife because we decided to pig out at a restaurant. Caesar salads, salmon, steak, more salmon, prawns, Bellinis, butternut squash ravioli. My friends still refuse to believe that we just ate at a chain restaurant (Milestone's) because it was so good. If the chain restaurants are this good up here, I want to move to Canada. The locally produced wine ain't bad, either. The waiter recommended the Sandhill cab-merlot and it paired perfectly with my bloody rare striploin. And now I'm obsessed with finding this wine. Almost as buttery and rich as the steak itself.

I must be getting old when I find food and wine to be a higher priority than chasing tail at nightclubs.

1 comment:

  1. you mean you gave up a night out at Tommy Africa´´s.. shame on your game :P