Sunday, April 15, 2007

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

I decided to throw better judgement out the window and go for it. Why not? How often am I up in Canada? How often do I use my snowboard bag to pack all my gear? (Answer: Last time I came up to Canada, a while back.) How often does one get to run Whistler/Blackcomb whilst uncrowded?

With a stiff upper lip, I decided to join the crew on the mountain, and it was WELL worth while. Sure, I stopped sometime after noon, but I got in a half day that made up for the shitty season we've had in Tahoe this year. Elena and Susanna made their way to the easier slopes, while J and I headed up for the top of Blackcomb and hit 7th Heaven, my favorite bowl from last time.

It wasn't without bumps. On our first run, which looked like a pillowy steep full of moguls, I got rocked. At some point I got topped, my back binding went loose, and I went through a knee-jarring set of tumbles that would've made any Hollywood stuntman proud. I was hurt, but not as much as my ego. No matter. Next round. Top of the bowl! Shuuuuushhh shuuuuuuushhh.. BUMP BUMP CRASH BANG OUCH! Oh crap, I just got a jaggy rock up my bunghole! Seriously, I was afraid I'd be shitting blood. I GOT A PIECE OF ROCK UP MY ASS. This really is not the way to start the day.

But after the rock, everything was all good. We hit a huge pocket of powder that was pure gliding pleasure. No turning necessary, just point straight down the run and enjoy the floaty, heavenly feel of real, true-to-life deep pow. This alone was better than all the days at Tahoe combined this year.

Then it got even better. Sure, I ate it going full speed down a cat track and 720'ed my way into oblivion. But after that, it was smooth sailing to the bottom. Largely due to my new Burton Audex jacket. If you don't have one of these, go get one. NOW. It's got Bluetooth for your phone, connections for your iPod, and most importantly, boomin' speakers in the collar so you can crank your music without being shut off from other skiers and riders. Hands free partying from peak to lift line. Get it. Get it. Get it! From the top of Blackcomb down to the gondola ride back down, I was cranking last year's Daft Punk set from Coachella, carving my way happily to the beat. Between the good snow and perfect soundtrack, this was the best day I've had on the mountain all season.

Capped off with several double Jack & Gingers and a poutine at the Longhorn, this was the perfect day.

Sure, I could go and ride some more. J & Susanna are up on the Whistler side right now. But I figured why jinx such a great day? I'm content, and I've got a permagrin on. Fuck yeah.

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