Sunday, April 15, 2007

Stream of Consciousness

So I'm at the Electric Daisy internet cafe now, and I'm pretty hopped up on the Kokanees I drank in my freakin' JACUZZI TUB, the Crown Royal I've been pounding, and whatever pills I've been given to kill the pain. I'm achy and I'm sore and I have to get better so I can ride tomorrow, which should be a glorious day up on the mountain. It dumped yesterday. Raining at the base today, but that should mean snow up top. It's supposed to be mostly sunny and partially warm tomorrrow, so I'll be able to not only ride some potential freshies, but take in the amazing views Whistler affords.

Tonight the Telus festial stage starts at 7:00 and my old friend (not longtime, as in I haven't seen him in ages) Lorin Bassnectar is headlining. This should be bangin', provided I'm able to stand upright and withstand the cold. I really shouldn't go out tonight and get rested up and ride for tomorrow, but I really have no common sense or self-restraint when I'm on vacation.

So yeah, either I'm going to get very, VERY sick, or this weekend's going to be epic. Could go either way. In the meantime, I've got some Crown Royal and more Crown Royal waiting for me upstairs...


p.s. Canadians are REALLY FUCKING NICE.

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