Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sailing the Seas of Cheese

Oh, what glorious sleep! I woke up way too late to catch the early Snowbus to Whistler, but it was sooooo worth it. But now here I am, enjoying the beautiful, serene, snowy atmosphere of the village, at yet another internet cafe.

Of course, dealing with different money and being at an internet cafe are about the only things that make this trip similar to any other. This time, the backpacker ethos is way out the window. I'm staying in a fancy lodge (concierge and kitchenette, yo!) that'd eat up a month of backpacking budget and just paying no heed to cash and enjoying myself. I can still feel the steak from last night settling in my tummy, and though that sounds bad, believe me - it was goooood. Unfortunately, I'll also feel stuff settling in my wallet for a while, but what the hell?

I guess I've spoiled myself tonight, as well. I can pretty much do whatever I want until my friends start trickling into town tomorrow, so I decided to check out the nearby Crepe Montagne, where the French-speaking staff delighted me with onion soup, fondue provencale, and some great locally produced wine. While I'm normally averse to the American tendency to smear cheese all over everything, I'm so full of Swiss gruyere, emmenthal, white wine, and Kirsch right now that I probably smell like some Alpen restaurant.

Well, I'd best get going. I have to finish this espresso and then hit the hot tub. Then maybe the Doctors and Nurses party at the local club, though I really should be a good boy and sleep early so I can make fresh tracks in the morning. Decisions, decisions...

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