Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Home and Away

I've now been back on US soil for over 12 hours now, and while it's been good to see my own bed, my parents, and my friends, I'm really not happy to be back.

The moment you get back to the states, you feel it. Everyone's cranky and in a rush at the airport. Customs/immigrations folks are rude bastards, most of them enjoying a power trip. The same people you were just sharing conversation with on the plane are now your most bitter enemies, jockeying for position to get through each queue and the baggage claim first. The chit chat is over and everyone's in a rush to get back to the rat race.

I come back smiling and relaxed and that makes people suspicous. They ask me questions. Some avoid me like some grinning loon. Am I the only one who comes back from a holiday with a smile and relaxed demeanor as a souvenir? Well, either way, everyone tries their best to take that smile away the moment you step off the plane. But fuck 'em. I just had the best month ever.

Everyone can go back to their hateful daily routines and wait for their next paycheck. Tomorrow, I'm going to go back to work satisfied, carrying with me the great experiences, beautiful sites, and above all the awesome people I met over the last month. That's what life's about - experiencing it.

See you next journey. It can't come soon enough!


  1. I couldn't have had a different reaction when i got off the plane
    from India.
    Maybe it was the giardia, but damn, ORD has never been a finer destination. Customs was a breeze (with smiles and a "welcome home" from the officer, the bathrooms were clean and fresh, and teh bags came out on the belt! India was a heck of a trip, and i'm glad i did it, but damn, it takes it outta ya.
    At the airport I had me some bacon eggs and coffee, the dude behind the counter gave me extra toast, and from there went to the bar with the dr. at 6.45 am to drink bloody mary's. ORD was heaven.
    I shudder to say that, but it was.

    anyway. i do agree about bastards and their luggage. move your fuckin smartcarte away from the belt, fucktard!

    oh, and i think you did fuck a Merino sheep. awfully soft! too soft for (j)omid to pass up!
    where's yer wellies!!!?

  2. I had to burn my Wellies. Customs and their hoof'n'mouth concerns, ya know...

  3. HELOOO tpunker!!! you are my favourite poster on the site! your blog is good too. i would like to go to india when i am older but soon (when i finish high school) im going straight to EUROPE!!!!!!!! although i have only saved $1000 AUD but my mum has agreed to pay for the flight back, its good to hear that you like noosa coz i go there alot but much prefer Agnes Waters and 1770 (so pretty).. oh and, MERRY CHRISTMAS