Saturday, December 03, 2005

Another Perfect Sunrise

I witnessed yet another beautiful sunrise this morning... after walking home from the clubs. God, this has got to stop.

The night started out innocently enough. I found a place where I could enjoy a good, light array of NZ seafood: The Captains Restaurant and its Captains Sampler Platter. Chowder, prawns, calamari, mussels, oysters - you name it - all washed down with one of their own brews and a perfect glass of pinot gris. Yeah, you can definitely call me a flashpacker.

I got back to Bumbles and met a couple of my roomies: Daniel from London and Sam from Calgary. They invited me to join them for a night out, and we eventually got the full, huge group together by around 11:30. In the meantime, the guys were talking about how much they loved furburgers. It was gona be that kind of night.

Matt, the hostel's manager, joined us and hooked us up with hand stamps for happy hour prices all night at Fraser's. It was fairly subdued, but the drinks went quickly. Before we knew it, we were dancing it up at a club, doing shots, and working every corner of the dancefloor with our drunken superstar moves. Somehow, I got to the point where I was speaking fluent French with Jen (a Quebecoise) and Jess (a New Caledonian) from Bumbles. A bad sign, indeed.

The wee hours were about up and a couple of us decided we had to eat. Jess dragged me out for the "best burger in Queenstown." The place is called Fergburger. That's what the guys were talking about. And let me tell you - eating the South Island's best, most giantest hamburger while sitting on a beach and having the big lake's small waves lap at your feet is a great way to end a night out.

Being awakened at 7:15 because you missed you were about to miss your bus pick-up isn't.

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