Thursday, December 01, 2005


Backdated post.

Ch-ch-ch-changes... The worst thing in the world about traveling east is the time change forward. I lost three hours from Brisbane to Auckland, and I know it's going to be a bitch to get to sleep.

That and everyone's laughing at me for cooking a full-on two-course dinner at 10:30. But they can screw themselves. While they're eating instant noodles, I've got a nice salad of baby greens and red wine vinaigrette, spaghetti in a wine-infused meat and tomato sauce, focaccia, and a bottle of NZ's Mt. Difficulty Pinot Noir, supposedly one of -if not the- best in the world. I may be in a timewarp, but I'm freakin' posh, bitches. If any of them had been three hours behind, they could've all had some.

Besides going grocery shopping and cooking, I did manage to get one thing done: I clambered up to the top of nearby Mt. Eden and took in the great view of downtown Auckland, the surrounding bays, and of course, the magnificent sunset. I also ran into the local livestock on top of the old volcanic cone. No, not sheep, but a herd of cows. And somehow, I managed not to step in any of the many cowpies.

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  1. " I may be in a timewarp, but I'm freakin' posh, bitches."

    that's genius, my friend. pure genius! hehe