Monday, September 17, 2007

Paris, Je T'aime. Flybe, Je Te Deteste.

Whomever said the journey is the reward obviously never flew Flybe.

Our flight on the Exeter-based airline was over an hour late - supposedly due to technical problems, that included driving us on a bus around the tarmac in a large loop before letting us off, telling us it'd be another 30 minutes, and dumping us off at the terminal again. The late journey did, at least, afford us this view over France in the twilight, despite the heavily scratched and foggy windows of the Q400 turboprop:

The farce continued once we belatedly landed at Charles de Gaule airport and didn't get our luggage for nearly another hour. Needless to say, our first night in Paris was a bit wasted.

Fuck you, Flybe.

On the other hand, I believe the destination is the reward:

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