Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hangin' in Heathrow

Our flight seems to be a bit late, but that's OK. You can do worse than being stuck in other airports. Although it's shite for check-in and security, Heathrow is heaven for duty free shopping and decent dining.

Although we couldn't quite sit down for a last round of smoked salmon and caviar - we didn't know when our gate would be called - we were able to pick up lots of goodies. I think I bought half a warehouse full of Ted Baker personal care goods, Alannah bought some knicknacks to take home, and I got to try my hand at looking like a London cop.

The other good thing about Heathrow is that they seem to be on contract with BBC. That means whilst waiting in the departure gate room, you watch a big flatscreen TV with BBC news. Not the horridly sensationalistic, Fox News-owned Sky News that many other places have on tap. You don't know how refreshing it is to hear real news instead of crap about missing "Maddy's" parents or the "Brit and Run" incident with Ms. Spears.

I won't miss that.

Anyway, it's about time to board. I'm going to enjoy my ridiculous amount of legroom, about five feedings, on-demand movies, and some red wine. Ciao.

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