Thursday, January 04, 2007

Things Get Broken

I'm writing this offline as I couldn't get wireless to work at Barcelona airport, and they're out of wireless access cards at our hotel here in Amsterdam. It seems they're out of everything everywhere we go.

Most noticeably in Spanish bathrooms.

If you need toilet paper, it's a crap shoot. No pun intended. Soap? Don't even think about it. Hot water to make up for the lack of soap? Hope you packed a travel pack of Purell. Hell, there aren't even any paper towels, and half the hand dryers are broken. Even on our Transavia flight from Barcelona to Amsterdam, there were no paper towels left in the lavatory, and when we collected our luggage at Schiphol airport, Sarah's bag had been torn open. Not too badly, but still...

Must... find... a coffeeshop!

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