Saturday, January 06, 2007

I Kinda Heart London

Offline Update
I think I've mentioned before my love/hate relationship with London. I love it because it's my childhood home and my fallback destination, and I feel like I know the place inside and out. I hate how expensive it is. £4 for a single tube ride? £3 for a pint of beer? £129 for one night in a small, triple hotel room with a teeny tiny bathroom and WebTV for internet access? Aiyeeee! I'm over this place, but something keeps bringing me back.

I attempted to update the blog using the WebTV interface and just couldn't do it. So as of tonight, I've written everything offline for updating as soon as I have a proper net connection. That probably won't be until getting to Heathrow tomorrow morning before our flight home.

Yeah, it's that time: Time to start thinking about going home. I don't want to do it, but for once, I feel completely satisfied with my trip. Maybe it's all the countries we hit up. Maybe it was the change of pace of renting a car for a week. Maybe it was the variety of locales and means of transportation. Whatever it is, i'm not going to hate going home for once. In fact, I'm more than happy to rest up for the trip home.

Elena decided to stay in to recover from her cold, Spencer and Sarah went to meet some London friends for dinner, and J and I opted to have a few quiet ones at the local pubs around Bayswater, my old hang. Overall, a pretty mellow night.

I got home and fiddled with the WebTV again, and noticed I was starting to come down with something, just as J was the night before in Amsterdam. Great... this is going to be a long ride home. Now I'm wondering if it's from licking the sole of a shoe, or just being exposed to a couple of sick travelmates. Mabye both?

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  1. Something tells me that whatever you'd catch from licking the sole of a shoe (which is AWESOME, by the way) would take longer than just one day to gestate. But that's probably not what you wanted to hear.