Friday, January 05, 2007

Skunky and Green

I try not to be a tourist, I really don't. But sometimes, there's just too much fun shit to be done on the tourist track.
Take the Heineken Experience, for example. It's cheesy, for sure, but it's fun. €10 gets you three fresh, ice cold Heinekens, a bit of history and entertainment, as well as a gift to take home. And Heineken actually tastes good in its home country. And they let you make your own incredibly silly Dutch singalong video. (Now moved to YouTube). I actually love the Heineken here. It's great when it's fresh, not like at home where it's skunky and green.

Speaking of skunky and green - isn't it fabulous that after guzzling beers at the Heineken brewery, you can walk alongside the canal in front of it and legally enjoy a spliff? Or that after walking the Niewzijdsburgerking-whatever, you can duck into any old coffeeshop and finish off the rest of your stash? Not that I'd know anything about it, but you could totally do that. If you were into that sort of thing.

You could then fill up on Italian food, and you might still be hungry for some inexplicable reason. And then perhaps go to a lesser-publicized coffeeshop, spend only €7 on a gram, drink tons of excellent tea, roll up a spliff, and watch your friend roll up a Mighty Joint with that entire gram. You could do that, but you wouldn't. Your moral fibre would prevent you from smoking nearly all of Mighty Joint, and naturally, you wouldn't chug away on it like a choo choo train on a dare, would you? And neither did anyone in our merry band of three.

Because if you did, you might wander back to your hotel, forget that you have a belly full of Italian food, and then go search the streets for falafel and fries. And maybe a candy bar or two.

I'm not sure if my pants will fit in the morning.

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  1. I am with you man, Heneiken in the states is the most overrated beer ever.

    When will the Europeans (actually th e Belgians got it down) learn: BROWN BOTTLES!

    Did you part with 50Euro? Hell man, in Tampa 50 Euro is 60 bucks which is two lapdances. No comparison.

    --Joey (tpunk)