Friday, January 05, 2007

Off to Another Country

Time to wake and bake...

Ok, maybe not. More like time to scramble and get everything together and catch a morning trail to Brussels. I had a little bit of confusion trying to figure out if we're going to Bruxelle-Midi or Brussel Zuid station, only to find out that they're the same place, only one is its French name, and the other Dutch/Flemish.

This should be a thoroughly confusing day... Au revoir, mijn frienden!

1 comment:

  1. Check out a chocolate in Belgium called "Cote SomethingOrOther" It is in a nondescript wrapper but is delicious. It is available at grocery stores everywhere (including the one in Zuid/Midi)

    The Atomium has been recently renovated. There is a little boy peeing statue somewhere in the main square I think. Sort of the symbol of the city. I never got to see it because I was making day trips to Brussels from Brugges.

    --Joey (tpunk)