Monday, December 25, 2006

Quiero Comprar... Todos!

We went to the nearby grocery store to stock up on supplies, considering everything's going to be closed on Christmas.

With this being Spain, we've stocked up on cheese, jamón, more cheese, more jamón, wine, wine, and more wine. We also got some other staples - including these gigantic unrefrigerated eggs. These supermarkets sell everything. I passed on the 100% Black 3-CD compilation ("¡La mejor musica negra!" WTF?), but we couldn't resist the absolute political incorrectness of Conguitos. They're chocolate covered peanuts, and the packaging looks like this. Again, WTF?

I also bought a spindle of CD-Rs so I can burn some music for the car. At the freakin' market. Awesome.

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