Friday, December 22, 2006

Launch Imminent

So in a few hours, I'll be boarding a Virgin-Atlantic flight from San Fran Disco to London, my gateway to adventures in Europe.

Providing this whole fog fiasco at Heathrow doesn't throw a wrench in this finely-tuned travel machine, I'll quaff a few pints, have a Full English, explore a museum, and then be off to Malaga, Spain, and onward and upward as I loop back to London. It's gonna be 16 days of boozin', cruisin', and hopefully not losin' anything.

Although I've planned and studied somewhat furiously, nothing but transit dates between major cities have been set in stone. So who knows if I'll be writing under the influence of lager, sherry, sangria, kif, or french fry grease.

Here goes nothin'... See you on the other side.

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