Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Morning

There's no anticipation. Everything's relaxed. No drama to deal with. No presents to open.

But there's still one thing that makes this Christmas morning. Getting up and "unwrapping" the window, to beautiful pink hues in the sky, a deep blue Mediterranean, and palm trees gently dancing around. And making a huge family brunch.

J made coffee, Elena got the bread and set the table, and I whipped up a gigantic omelette using some thick pancetta, beautiful AndalucĂ­an peppers, mushrooms, and cheese - glorious cheese! We also had some fresh fruits, a carafe of orange-carrot juice, and a little more cheese on the side. Is there anything better in this world than soft, unpasteurized cheese??? This made for a fan-fucking-tastic Christmas brunch.

Everything's closed today, except maybe the churches, so we're thinking it's time for our first aimless road trip. Where will it be? Who knows. We figured we'll just point the car south and go go go. Hopefully the gas stations are open.

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  1. I am a fan of the aimless travel...without maps