Thursday, December 28, 2006

Man Cannot Live on Bread Alone

Nor jamón, nor cheese. Believe me, I love these things. I love them dearly. They're among my favorite food items in the world. But for the last few days, I've gotten enough sliced meat and cheese and bread to make me a case study for the American Heart Association.

Enough is enough. We had to have something different. And the menu at Orient Palace, just by our digs, seemed reasonable. Never mind that everything's in English and that every customer's a crusty old Brit on their Costa del Sol holiday. For just a few moments, I want to get away from Spanish. It's not that I don't love Spain and all things Spanish (my friends can tell you about my obsession with tapas, Rioja wines, and hot brunettes who say "Ibitha"). It's just that sometimes you need a break.

"I know you probably don't want Chinese, but I'm buying. I so need this."

Yes, I was breaking my own travelers credo of doing as the locals do, but sometimes you have to listen to your body.

And you know what? It was good. Really good. So if you're ever in Marbella, Malaga Province, Spain, go to Orient Palace. No matter how much everyone else protests.

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  1. awesome travelogue Omid! I'm going to TRY to follow you guys' footsteps this year!