Sunday, December 24, 2006

Pints, Pounds, and a Piping Hot Shower at Paddington

Ah, there's nothing like being crammed in a gigantic flying metal tube with hundreds of your closest friends. Fortunately, Virgin is among the cooler of the airlines out there, because of one thing: Scrummy flight attendants. Ok, two things: They also have on-demand entertainment. Which doesn't bode well if you want to sleep, but hey, I finally got ot catch Little Miss Sunshine. Score!

Unfortunately, I got virtually no sleep on the flight, so by the time we arrived in London, my stanky ass was about ready for a shower. That was the group concensus... but not before having some celebratory pints! Never mind that six pints cost us in the neighborhood of $70. Ouch. Note to self: Don't drink at the hotel bar. Hell, don't drink in London!

Other than steep bar prices, the Hilton Paddington is very nice. It's directly above the Paddington railway station, so that'll make our early morning escape to Heathrow that much easier in the morning. On top of that, the service is stellar, the room's nice, and were welcomed by a virtual aquarium on the TV. I know, I'm so easily impressed.

So we've each taken our hot hot HOT showers (soooo necessary after a 10 hour flight) and are ready to take on London. On the must-do list: The Tate Modern, the French House, and hitting up the bumper cars at the Bob Wilson Funfair in Leicester square. Let's hop to it!

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