Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Reason #4,972 I Left the United States

The LA Times just reported on a club in Southern California that held a spring break contest to give away a set of fake boobs. And it was a success. See the video here. And this is in the sanest of the 50 states.

In the meantime, I'm so grateful that I've got myself a woman who's smart, beautiful, and has too much self esteem for the aforementioned bullshit.

Too bad I have to kick her to the curb tonight. The wife is arriving in Paris tomorrow morning.

Note: It actually does take a woman with some good self esteem to not kick your ass for a statement like that... Love you, baby!


  1. I initially thought your objection to the fake boob give away was that it was a bit hacky ;)


  2. Well, that too. Mine would've involved an ironic wet t-shirt contest as a component at the very least! Then maybe bobbing for raisins. And some sort of event where they paint the walls green.

  3. yay! tell Hanalalalalala hi! following your travels...cuz im feeling the need to vicariously live in Paris.

  4. clearly you did not read the article - they were doing it for "self-esteem," duh.