Thursday, November 08, 2007

We're Flying High... We're Watching the World... Pass Us By...

I'm writing this mid-air on a Boeing 777-300 on the way to Osaka. Normally, I wouldn't bother opening my PowerBook up in an airplane seat for fear of it getting crushed when the guy in front of me decides to lean back.

But somehow, we ended up in Premium Economy (aka business class with a scaled down name so people can expense it without getting fired...). Not only do I have a seat wide enough for my fat American ass, but I have a plug so I can juice up the ol' laptop. And I didn't bring an ethernet cable with me, otherwise I'd have plugged into the LAN port in my seat. (Hence you're actually going to get this post when I next get to some Internet!)

Too bad this is only an hour-long flight. I could really get used to this.

Ooh, look at that. My seat just reclined, and another button made the foot/leg rest come out like a La-Z-Boy.

Mmm, yes, I would love some more coffee. Just set it down there on my WOODEN tray table.

Maybe when I'm done rendering this video, I can pick up the book on my wide-ass armrest. That's right, an armrest wide enough to hold a hardcover!

Oh, yeah, so the video. I had enough room to comfortably put together some footage from the onboard camera on the flight from San Francisco to Tokyo. Hopefully there's enough time left on the flight for this to render fully...

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