Saturday, November 24, 2007

Geekin' Out Again

I had to go to Shibuya. To shop.

That and to see the six-way crossing of humanity, which I decided to cross against. It was the experience of a lifetime.

Ok, maybe being in a civilized mosh isn't the experience of a lifetime, but being at ground-zero of Japanese youth culture is up there.

Shibuya is loaded with record stores, toy stores, and clothing stores. And while I struck out on trying to find some rare vinyl I've been after, and while I couldn't find any good Engrish shirts to bring home as trophies, I did wind up with a load of toys. I hadn't really planned on it, but I found a few things I coveted. The thing that made me nearly crap myself was this:

That's right, I got the Daft Punk Interstella 5555 playset designed by Leiji Matsumoto. Because I am a Daft Punk WHORE.

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