Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Giving Up, Giving In

I've had a nice, long bath, which gave me some time to think. The whole not being able to check into work thing is currently out of my hands - at least until I get back to semi-civilization sometime tomorrow afternoon. I hope.

I may as well enjoy myself, or at least indulge in the fact that I have my own hotel room, a big supply of complimentary green tea. (The mini-bar, sadly, is empty.)

I'm wearing an awesome bedtime kimono thingy, complete with outer jacket part to stay warm. (This is highly unnecessary as the moment you even breathe on the heater control, the room warms up to a toasty Depths-of-motherfucking-Hell degrees celsius.)

I have what's temporarily my own domain, and a door that locks. (Not a sliding door where my mom or one of my aunts pops their head in at random times in the morning to see if I want to wake up yet.)

So anyway, if you hear a news report in the next day or two about an unidentified American citizen found burnt to a crisp in a hotel room in Japan, apparently after masturbating like a rabid chimpanzee and ingesting copious amounts of green tea - possibly via snorting or smoking - but officially explained as a faulty heating system, I'll save you the time. It was me.

Sweet dreams...

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