Friday, June 04, 2010

Manic Florence

The last time we came to Italy, I had to bail on the trip early to go back to Paris and work. Alannah continued on with my mom and aunts whom – while nice – are about as fun to travel with at three older Japanese ladies can be. Which isn't to say that they're lousy company. On the contrary, they're fantastic. But they're of the see-every-monument-and-museum mindset.

When she found an unsecured Wifi connection, Alannah got on to Facebook and posted:

Without constant November rain & with my sweetheart, Firenze is a bit more enjoyable than last time (view from my bed)
I hope she was talking about me.  Inspired by her picture-says-a-thousand-words mentality (and because I rambled on and on and on in the last post) I present to you the expected sadness and the surprising joy that Florence has brought in the last couple of days.

Being in an area packed with tourist-trap restaurants makes us sad.
The poorly timed thunderstorms make me sad.
Sudden sunshine and having to borrow cheap ladies' sunglasses makes me sad.
Going from rainy to hot-enough-to-instantly-melt-your-gelato makes Alannah sad.
Some loud Spanish puta getting in the way of all my shots because her
dumb ass kept dropping her coat in puddles makes me mad.
Sharing an ice cold Duff beer with my cousin makes me happy.
Peering out the window and seeing our neighbors drying bacon and other
piggy products makes me happy. And hungry.
Boiled beef (bollito) or tripe (lampredotto) panini at Nerbone make me happy.
Especially with a carafe of wine for breakfast.
Bistecca a la Fiorentina makes us 1 kilo and 50 grams happier.
(We shared it.)

Making dinner for the family makes me really happy.
(And hopefully them, too!)
Being the dynamic duo of Aunt Alannah and Uncle Omid makes us happy.
But above all, seeing my gal happy makes me happy.
I'm going to bed. Happy.

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