Friday, February 26, 2010

Cheap Cologne

We pulled up at the station to Cologne, full of Belgian beer after our stop in Brussels (and subsequent onboard Duvels)to see a freakin sausage stand on the platform. "I've GOT to get a train station sausage on our way out," the street food junkie in me vowed.

Of course, we had two other things to take care of in Cologne (Köln): Get our tickets to Düsseldorf, and drink some fuckin' Kolsch.

Buying the train ticket was easy. The light, golden beer went down even easier. Seven of them, in fact. Along with a plate full of cheese, Blutwurst, Leberwurst, Speck and potato salad, it was a perfect antidote to an interminable travel day...

I'm on the train to Düsseldorf right now, enjoying aone of those train station sausages. A local would probably laugh at me, but to me, this is 2€ of why I travel.

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