Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bastille Day Pt. III: Best. Fireworks. EVER.

I apologize for some of the garbled audio during the transitions... I'm still trying to reconcile audio codecs between the Sony Cybershot camera's MPEG format and iMovie's DV format after demuxing.

You probably don't care what any of that means.

All that matters is that these fireworks were SO worth camping out five hours for.

It cost 400,000€ (USD $634,000) to put on. And it was worth every god damn penny. (Or centime.) And worth all 10-minutes of video time. And worth not being able to get on the metro and walking home at nearly 2 in the morning after getting up at 6:30 the previous morning.


  1. Updated with smoother-running (but edited down) YouTube version of video.

  2. the french really know how to do fireworks. was there for new years a couple years ago. amazing.

    also, i think the chinks deserve a big THANK YOU for inventing the damne things. ;)