Saturday, March 01, 2008

Feels Like Home

I'm sitting at an outdoor table at Au Petit Poucet in the 17th, alongside Place de Clichy, site of a blog entry from last year. I'm sipping an espresso, looking at the same theatre across the way, and using the same "Wistro" Wi-Fi password the waitress had so graciously given me last time around. (I remembered it!)

I came to see what's up with our favorite little hole in the wall in the neighborhood, Au 24 on Rue Biot, only to find it indefinitely closed. I came to pick up a copy of FUSAC (a local English-language classifieds magazine) at Lush bar, only it's not open yet.

I'm also chasing a little something else: It was in this neighborhood that Alannah and I had first thought, "We could live here."

Alas, she's 6000 miles away, but being at the same café in which we shared an omelette and coffee before any talk of marriage or moving or anything materialized, it's like I'm sharing the moment with her.

As you can see, I'm easily drawn to emotion by free Wi-Fi.

Within the hour, I'll be back in Clichy.

To pick up my luggage and move out. YES!!

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  1. I am often drawn to emotion by free wi-fi as well! It's a beautiful thing.

    Nice to see you are no longer homeless!