Thursday, February 28, 2008

Petits Connards...!

I was sitting at my desk today, lamenting the fate of the ever-plunging US dollar against its trans-Atlantic cousin, the Euro.

Our CFO happened to be in on this conversation.

"In fact, this is very good for us," he said with obvious delight. "Here is your week's salary!"

He put a coin on the desk.

My new boss decided to join the chorus. "You've done a great job this week. We're doubling your salary!" And he slapped down another coin.

Who says the French are humorless? They're mean-spirited, evil bastards who prey on the feelings of someone on the edge of pauperdom, but they're funny.

Ahh, I remember when I could do that to my Canadian friends. Those were the days. Now we can't even afford a crappy, watered-down can of Molson's. Sorry, Canucks, your dollar may be worth more than ours, but your beer still sucks! And before you get all butt-hurt, you can revel in the fact that I can't afford even suckier, even more watered-down French beer.

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